The Story of H.i.b.i.H
-Hyra In och Bli InHyst-

-Loger et se loger-

Most big cities face the same challenges. The number of inhabitants is constantly increasing, sometimes very quickly, which demands more job and housing opportunities, functioning means of communication and transportation and handling of the environmental issues that occur.

As a reaction to the problems faced in the bigger cities ideas and movements are born that are aiming to find solutions to these, to facilitate the daily life and to care for the environment. These are commonly based on the idea of sharing our resources with each other, share cars, buy second hand, share housing etc. Such initiatives also promote social interaction and community building.

I myself faced the problems of the big cities when I, in 2007, decided to leave my hometown Lyon in France, to move to Stockholm, Sweden in order to develop a documentary project. Through my friends in Stockholm I quickly found a room to rent for a shorter period of time. However, when I, after a couple of years of working and travelling, decided to permanently settle down in Stockholm I met the same challenge as so many others: finding a place to rent. I understood that many people living in Stockholm move often and have trouble getting rental contracts for more than shorter periods of time. As a foreigner I also found difficulties to find the information I needed, to make necessary phone calls etc. and I rarely got any answer when replying to adds. Anyway, I realised quickly that these are challenges that EVERYBODY moving to Stockholm are facing.

Several years and many movings later I observed a new movement on the internet. More and more websites built on the idea of CO-sharing, it appeared that people started to realise the advantages of sharing, exchanging, swapping and trading with each other. My first own experience of CO-sharing was a carpooling site. What a great discovery! In an easy, practical, cheap, nice and environmental friendly way I got from one place to another. And in my mind an idea was born.

In 2014, during a trip in France and Switzerland I was in principle only traveling by car sharing, with people that I had met through carpooling sites and it was at this point that I decided to develop the idea that I had got. I wanted to develop something similar in Sweden. Just before returning to Sweden after my holidays a friend presented me to a Canadian couple living in Switzerland, running a company developing web sites, TCP Global. We immediately got a very good contact and they liked my idea that I presented to them. By coincidence they planned to visit Stockholm later that summer and after having met again to discuss the idea we decided to launch the project. A new adventure had started.

After having done additional research and reflection we finally decided to build a housing site that could ease the housing situation in Stockholm. The work with the site, that we decided to call Hibih, started in November 2014 and involves three partners: TCP Global, Cecilia Wanhainen and Mathias Monarque.

The focus of Hibih is to help those who have a room a flat or a house to offer and those looking for a place to rent to find each other and get in touch in a fast, easy and secure way. We want to stimulate people to share their housing through easy communication and by building trust and promote responasbility. Our thought is also that Hibih should facilitate for foreigners to find housing in Stockholm.

Hibih was first launched in Stockholm, but we see the same needs in many other places and are planning on expanding to in the future cover more cities.